An Anonymous Reader asked:

What’s the most influential book you’ve read?

Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn.

I’m fuzzy on the details, since it’s been years since the last time I’ve read it. The general story involves a telepathic gorilla and his conversations with a man about the downward spiral towards destruction that our society is in.

It’s a weird way to tackle such a serious subject, but Quinn pulls it off brilliantly. The ideas that are presented and the way they are presented in really gets the message to sink in. It’s one of those books that, given an open mind, could completely change the way a person thinks. And it did, which is why it was the first thing that popped into my mind when reading this question. I think it made me a bit more cynical, but it definitely pried my eyes open a bit. I would recommend this book to almost anyone – Quinn has several other good books, and, while they mostly tackle this same topic from different viewpoints, Ishmael was my favorite.

(I want to thank whoever asked this question, but since they submitted it anonymously.. I can’t directly. Since there’s almost no traffic coming here, I’m guessing it’s either someone I know, or.. someone else. Regardless – thanks. 🙂 )

Readers: I like this question, so I’ll aim it back at you. What’s the most influential book that you’ve ever read? One of those that changed who you are or how you think/view life? Leave a comment. 🙂