“spam” spelled backwards is “maps”. I don’t understand what maps have to do with spam. Can you help explain?

The answer to this question requires a comparison to early sailors/explorers. Before comprehensive maps were created, explorers had to rely on crude maps and add to them as they went. Continents went unexplored because no one had visited and charted them yet. Things were primitive, but as time went on, the ships went further, the maps grew, and the voyages were potentially much more profitable.

Now, spammers are kind of like early explorers. Except they steal the ships that they use, are shot at wherever they go, and spread disease and pain rather than adding any value to human society. Actually, I guess spammers are more like the rats on the ship, and the spam that they send could be compared to the disease-spreading ticks that rats could carry.

As more of the internet is discovered (it’s not built as is commonly believed, all the content is there – sometimes it’s just hiding) these spammers use the new internet maps to spread their plague-filled spam further and faster.

So, the increasing quality of maps increases the amount of spam that is sent.