That’s right! Another project idea.. except this one, well, it’s started, and ready to roll.

What? – You have questions, I like to write, and I love to respond to questions and comments. You ask any question you can think of, if I like the question and can come up with a “decent” answer then I’ll post both the question and my answer. Comments are encouraged and will be mildly moderated – keep it clean, be nice, don’t be a dick.

Why? – It’s something to do. If enough people stumble by and ask interesting questions this has the potential to become quite fun and entertaining for everyone.

So.. now what? – Click the “Ask a Question” link up at the top of the page and have some fun with it.


Comment by spudart on 2008-07-03 11:00:50 -0500

hi! I can’t wait to see what will be on this blog. Oh wait. Ask Sparxmind. Hmmm, I will ask you this… what is the difference between democrats and republicans?