spudart asks:

I have never traveled overseas. Where should I go on vacation this year? Also, on the cheap would be nice.

If I had the opportunity to travel this summer, my top two choices would be New Zealand or Ireland. In that order.

You might want to check out Amsterdam.

You’ll probably get the best flight rates going somewhere in Europe, so I would suggest throwing darts at a map of Europe. That’s the best way to plan – incorporating chance, randomness, and things with sharp points into the decision making process.

A bit of advice: don’t watch any reruns of Lost for a few weeks before flying.


Comment by spudart on 2013-03-28 09:42:17 -0500

That’s so funny that you recommended Amsterdam. Just one month prior to your answer, I had written a blog post about how I want to go to Amsterdam. http://www.spudart.org/blogs/randomthoughts_comments/4630_0_3_0_C/